Origami 404 at Market City

Learn more advanced origami folding with Thomas!

Thursday, June 22, 2023 • 3:00pm-5:00pm • $45

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About this event

Want to learn the next steps of folding origami? Come and take the fourth of the Origami Series with Thomas! He'll be teaching you more essentials of folding origami!

*Please note that this is the 4th class of 5 for the Origami Series, and you will be learning the processes and steps to build you up to creating amazingly beautiful origami artwork such as a dragon or a koi fish. The series will consist of 5 classes in total, so please remember to sign up for them all! You will need lots of practice and skill to get to the level of making the origami Dragon! Please take Origami 101, 202, and 303 first.*

You will take home:

  • Origami Paper Pack
  • Your finished project
  • Instructions for the frog featured for this class

Ages 18 and up welcome. Anyone younger must be accompanied by an adult who will assist them if needed.