Bunny Clay Pot

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  • 4 each - Clay pot 3 in. • 77942425
  • 2 each - Clay pot 5.5 in. • 30125998
  • Americana Multi-Surface paint - Iris • 30141069
  • Delta Acrylic Paint - White • 77624882
  • Delta Gloss Varnish • 77628073
  • 1 yd. Canvas rope braided white • 30137650
  • 1 yd. Ribbon of choice
  • Nami Washi Tape • 30159408
  • Deco Color paint marker - black • 77659664 and pink • 77659607
  • Wood Shape Flower • 30099284
  • Wood Disc 1.5 in. • 77614966
  • Extra Fine Glitter - Crystal • 30143489
  • Spanish Moss • 77537449
  • Floral Foam • 77685925
  • Flower Bush of choice


  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutter
  • Knife
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Pencil
  • Graphite Paper (optional to trace face on clay pot)


NOTE: Please refer to PDF for instructional diagrams, pattern and picture.

Paint all four 3 in. clay pots and one 5 in. clay pot with Iris paint, let dry.  Once paint dries, paint the rim of each pot with white paint and let dry.  Paint the other 5 in. clay pot with white paint, let dry.  Once paint dries, paint the rim of the pot with Iris paint and let dry.  Once paint dries, apply a coat of the gloss vanish to all pieces and let dry.

Paint the glower wood shape with Iris paint, paint the wood circle with white paint and sprinkle glitter while paint is wet.  Set aside to dry.

Trim the rim of each pot with washi tape.  Refer to the picture for placement.

Trace the bunny's face onto the large white clay pot using the pencil and graphite paper.  Use the Deco Color paint pens to color the bunny's face.  Let dry.

Cut the canvas rope into 14 in. and 22 in. lengths.  Find the center of each piece, lay the shorter piece down and place the longer piece on top.  Take two short ends and pull it through the hole at the bottom of the large Iris clay pot.  See fig. 1.

Take one end of the short rope and insert the rope through the hole of the small Iris clay pot, adjust length of arm and tie a knot to prevent the clay pot from falling off the rope, see fig. 2.  Trim off excess rope.  Repeat this step with the second arm and 2 legs.  Glue the white large pot (head) on top of the Iris large pot (body).

Cut floral foam to fit inside the clay pot, glue foam in place.  Cover foam with Spanish moss.  Insert Flowers.

Make a bow from ribbon and glue to top of head.