Candy Cane Earrings

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22 Gauge Silver Fill Wire • 30162283
3mm Rondelle White Jade AB • 30155584
3mm Rondelle Med. Siam • 30155515
Earwires • 30093697
Medium Oval Jumprings • 30080667

Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Flush Cutters


1. Cut two 2.5 in. pieces of 22 gauge wire.

2. Coil one end of the piece of wire. This prevents your beads from falling off.

3. String on 19 red and white Rondelle beads in the pattern of your choice. Sample shown uses a pattern of 1 red and 2 white.

4. Coil the other end of the wire until the beads are secure. Do not coil too tightly, or beads will crack off in the next step.

5. Shape the stick of beads into a candy cane shape.

6. Put a jumpring between the beads at the top of the cane.

7. Take the loop of the earwire and twist it so it is perpendicular to the hook.

8. Open the earwire loop and put the jumpring (attached to the cane) in and close the loop.

9. Repeat for the other earring!