Fish Favor Box

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Accucut "Candy Box" Die
1 qty. Printed Cardstock
1-1/2 in. x 2-1/2 in. White Cardstock
1 in. x 2 in. Black Cardstock
1/8 in. Hole Punch - Fiskars • 77178541
3/4 in. Circle Punch - Marvy Uchida • 30028718
1 in. Circle Punch - Marvy Uchida • 30028719
Double Stick Tape - Merikan (any width)
1/8 in. Satin Ribbon - Offray (any color)
1 qty. 1/8 in. x 12 in. Dowel Rod • 77187526
Optional: Stickies Glitter Glue "Crystal"


1.  Diecut the candy box shape from Accucut die, using printed cardstock.
     (Tip: Print side faces down on die)

2.  Assemble box by layering one panel of the box onto the other end panel, using tape.

3.  Tie one end of the box with 1/8 in. ribbon, fill box with candy or whatever the favor is, then tie other end.

4.  Keep at least 2 diamond shapes for the box cut and fold in half, width wise.  This is used for fins.

5.  Punch out 2 circles of the 1 in. punch from white cardstock.

6.  Punch out 2 circles of the 3/4 in. punch from black cardstock, then tape down on white 1 in. circles, for the eyes.  (Tip: Don't center the black circle on the white circle, place it to one side.)

7.  Tape eyes to opposite sides of the box.

8.  Tape fins to opposite sides of the box, just slightly in the middle of the box.

9.  Punch 2 holes on the end closest to the eyes, on opposite sides, with the 1/8 in. hole punch.  This is the mouth.

10. With a 12 in. length ribbon, tire one end of the ribbon through one hole; tie the middle to the end of the dowel, then other end to the other hole.  (This will hang your fish on the pole.)

Optional:  Use stickies Glitter Glue to decorate the printed paper, either by outlining the design on the paper or by making scallops for scales.
Tip:  If using heavier weighted favor items, set 2 holes with eyelets, so that holes won't rip.