Green Bead Earrings

Click here to download project sheet.


• Earring Finding • 30183739
• 28 gauge Non-Tarnish Wire • 30187534
• 3 mm Rondel Crystal Beads of different colors

• Wire Cutter
• Bent Nose Pliers


1.  Cut 36 inches of 28 gauge wire, then begin to wrap on to earring base, wrap wire around base 3 times.  Add a crystal bead, wrap wire around base again.  Add another crystal bead.  First row will have 9 crystal beads.

2.  Second row will have 7 crystal beads that will wrap onto the first wire crystal bead row.

3.  Third row will wrap 8 light colored crystal bead, onto the previous row.

4.  Last row will be wrapped onto the previous row, with 15 opaque light colored beads, placing beads slightly higher on one end.

TIP:  When making the earrings, make sure you have beads placed to have a right and left side.  (Which will be a mirror image, of the opposite side.)