Heartbeat Valentine Earrings

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  • Bead Heart Scroll #30138848
  • Open Heart Charm #3071771
  • Chain #30168827
  • 12mm Teardrop Bead #30155227
  • 3mm Bicone Bead # 30157228
  • 24Gauge Silver Colored Wire # 30085108
  • 4mm Jump Ring #30095612
  • Ear Wire # 30095672
  • 4mm Pearl #30148298


  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutter


1. We will start by cutting the chain. Because the chain has large and small links, we are going to measure by counting the large links and cutting off the small links.

2. For the first length of chain, count 3 large links and cut. Cut 3 inchesof wire and use the very tip of the round nose pliers to make a small loop on one end.
Thread on a 3mm bicone bead and do a simple wire wrap. To do a wire wrap, use the chain nose pliers to make a 90 degree bend right above the bead and then use the round nose pliers to make a small loop. Take the chain that was cut and slip one end into the loop. Take the chain nose pliers to hold the loop as you use your fingers to wrap the tail of the wire around the section of wire below the loop. Try to keep the wraps right next to each other and stop when you get to the next bead. Trim o the excess wire.

3. For the second length of chain, count 4 large links and cut. Attach an open heart charm with a 4mm jump ring to one end of the chain.  Next, wire wrap a pearl to the second large link.

4. For the last length of chain, count 6 large links and cut. Cut 6 inches of wire and string on the teardrop bead. Move the teardrop to the center of the wire and bring the ends of wire above the bead. Use your forefinger and thumb to gently press the wires against the tip of the bead until they meet in a triangle shape.
You are going to do another wire wrap but this time you’re going to work with two wires at the same time. Take the tip of the chain nose pliers, hold the wire that are directly above the tip of the triangle and make a 90 degree bend. Take the round nose pliers and positions the bottom jaw so that it nestles in the corner of the bend while the top jaw is directly above with the wire tails gripped between the jaws. Bring the tails of the wires over the top jaw to create a semi-circle, release your grip and move the semi-circle to the top jaw to complete the circle.  Thread the wires through the bottom of the chain and close the loop.  With the round nose pliers in the loop, take the tails and wrap around the stem below the loop and work your way down. Try to keep your wraps next to each other and continue to wrap down until you cover the holes of the teardrop bead. Trim off the excess wires and gently press the ends of the wires down so that they are flush to your wraps.

5. Cut 4 inches of wire. Use your chain nose pliers to make a 90 degree bend about 1 ½ inches down your wire. Take the round nose pliers and make a loop. Before closing the loop, add the chains but have the longest chain in the middle. Close the loop and wrap your wire around about 2 times. Thread the silver scroll heart onto the wire, then a 3mm bicone and wire wrap the top.

6. Open the loop at the bottom of the ear wire and attach to the last wrap.

7. Repeat all steps for the other side of the earring.