Hearty Clay Cherry Blossoms

Click here to download project sheet.



  • White Hearty Clay • 77856070
  • Daniel Smith Watercolors - Opera Pink • 30175911 or similar
  • Scribbles Fabric Paint - Shiny Bright Yellow • 77527895


  • Clay Knife or Plastic Knife
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Paper Towels
  • OPTIONAL: Pinbacks or Magnets


NOTE: Please refer to PDF for *Cherry Blossom pattern.

1. Cut out the *Cherry Blossom patterns found on the back side of this sheet. There are two sizes to choose from.

2. Take some white Hearty Clay and roll into a ball first, about the size of a golf ball. Then, carefully start to flatten out. Flip the clay and flatten some more, then flip again. Repeat until the clay is large enough for the flower pattern and is at least 1/4” thick or more. If you need to, add more clay and start process over until the flattened piece is big enough for the flower pattern.

3. Place the paper pattern onto the flattened clay. Cut out the flower from the clay. To do this, you can use a clay knife or even a sharp scissors. Remove the paper pattern.

4. Smooth the edges of the flower. Use the knife to make lines in the clay to detail the petals. You can also shape the flower by cupping the clay. Place the flower on the bunched up paper towel to keep the
flower shape as the clay dries.

5. When the flower is dry, you can paint it with the Daniel Smith Water colors or other paints. Let dry. Add the stamen details by making dots with the Scribbles Shiny Bright Yellow. Let dry.

6. After the paints are dried you can use your flowers for different projects. Make a couple of flowers in the two different sizes to embellish things like frames and boxes. Or, glue to a pinback or magnet to a single flower to use.