KEIKI KRAFT: Upcycled Spring Baskets

Click here to download project sheet.


• Nori Container – cleaned and dry

• Washi Tape – assorted

• Scrapbook printed paper – assorted

• Ribbons

• 1/4” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013284

• 1/4” Hole Punch #77178558

• Scissors


1) Wash and dry an empty nori container. Gather scrap paper and washi tapes.

2) Wrap container with washi tape as desired.

3) Using a 1/4” hole punch, make a hole on both sides, in the center just below the container lip.

4) To make the basket handle, thread about 8” - 10” of ribbon through the holes on each side. Pull the ribbon through the holes leaving the ends of the ribbon on the inside of the container. Adjust the length of the ribbon for a comfortable handle. Knot the ends of the ribbon securely.

5) Another way to decorate the container is to wrap the container with scrap printed paper. Place a strip of double stick tape about 1/4” below the paper edge. Tape the paper to the outside of the container on both sides.

6) Use the 1/4” hole punch to make two holes at the top on each side.

7) Thread ribbon through both holes on one side of the basket, leaving the ends on the outside. Take the ends of the ribbon and tie into a bow. Repeat on the other side of the basket.

8) Fill baskets with paper shreds and treats.