Love Bracelet

Click here to download project sheet.



  • 1mm Imitation Leather #30061090
  • Metal Bar (Love) #30162223
  • Dandyline Beading Thread #30061114
  • Big Eye Beading Needle #77367003
  • 2mm Thunder Polish Crystal Roundel in choice of color
  • 3mm Thunder Polish Crystal Roundel in choice of color
  • Button Pack (Small Silver Heart) #77287896


  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape


1. Start by cutting approximately 22-24 inches of leather.

2. Fold the leather in half, thread the loop through the hole on the left side of the Love bar next to the heart.

3. Pull the ends through the loop until tight.

4. Tape the bar to the table with the cords trailing towards you and tape the ends of the cords down as well, leave just enough slack to allow you to weave under and over the cords.

5. Cut 30 inches of Dandyline thread and tie one end to the left side of the leather cord.

6. Thread the other end of the thread through the needles and string on a 2mm bead.

7. Go under the right side of the leather, come back over the cord, go through the bead again, and over the left side cord.

8. Continue this stitch pattern with 3mm beads until you reach your wrist size. Once you’ve reached the length you want, do the last stitch with a 2mm bead and knot the end of the thread to the cord.

9. Tie the leather cord together in a knot at the end of the beads.

10. Take both cords, make a loop for the end for the closure that is large enough to go around the heart button and knot closed.

11. Cut 7 inches of leather cord.

12. Fold in half and slip the fold through the hole on the bar, thread the ends through the loop and pull until tight.

13. Make a knot, thread on the heart button and secure with a double knot.

14. Slightly bend the bar with your fingers or a bracelet bending tool to get a better fit.