MIDWEEK: Basic Counted Cross Stitch - Candy Corn

CLICK HERE for instruction sheet and pattern.


• 14 ct. Aida Cloth White #30200414
• Tapestry Needle – size 24 #77649665
• DMC Embroidery Floss – Blanc (White) #77636563
• DMC Embroidery Floss – 740 Tangerine (Orange)
• DMC Embroidery Floss – 444 Lemon (Yellow)
• DMC Embroidery Floss – 310 Black #77636712
• DMC Embroidery Floss – 957 Pale Geranium (Pink)
• Counted Cross Stitch Pattern/Chart
• Embroidery Hoop 6 in. - #77614115 or any comfortable size
• Sharp Scissors
• Calculator – for calculating design and cloth size
NOTE: Figure out what size cloth you need first.
The Aida cloth has a thread count, meaning how many stiches per inch. The most
common are 14 count, 18 ct., 22 ct., or 11 ct. You can also use a smaller thread count
cloth and stitch over 2 (meaning using 4 squares) this would give it the same size
finished design as half the thread count. Example 28 ct. linen will be the same as 14
ct. if you stitched over two.
The design chart will tell you the finished size of the design by stitches in height and
width, ex. 36 x 60. You can also count squares. Take the design count and divide it
by the thread count of the cloth you want to get the approximate finished design in
Add approximately 3 in. on each side of the design to get the minimal size Aida
cloth to use. Keep in mind how you will use the finished piece so that you have more
than enough fabric surrounding the design. You also need to take into account the
size of the hoop you are using.
EX. – The candy corn design is 25 x 27. The finished design on the 14 ct. cloth is 1.79
in. x 1.93 in,. so the cloth should be at least 8 in. x 8 in.
Once you have your cloth size, prep the edges before stitching. You can sew or tape
over the edges to prevent fraying.