MIDWEEK: Embroidery Journal

CLICK HERE for instruction sheet.

CLICK HERE for circle pattern.


• 12 in. Wood Embroidery Hoop #77614164
• 18 in. x 18 in. Fabric – 100% cotton, smooth and easily pierceable
• Water-Soluble Pencil #77675009 or Marker #77385674
• Clear 12 in. Ruler #30100068
• Embroidery Needles – assorted sizes
• 6-Strand DMC Embroidery floss – assorted colors
• Sharp Scissors
• Pen/pencil and Small Notebook for sketching and note taking
• Bias Tape or fabric strips for wrapping inner hoop
Nice to Have:
• Colored Pencils for sketching – to help visualize embroidery floss colors
• Needle Threader #77650812
• Floss Bobbins # 30218549 and/or Floss Organizer case #30218552
• Back Light for Tracing designs onto fabric
NOTE: You can use a different size of embroidery hoop. Most popular sizes are 12 in.
and 10 in.
The most common fabric used is 100% cotton that is smooth and easy to pierce
with the embroidery needle. Light neutral colored fabric is often used but other
colors including black have also been used. The size of the fabric should be at
least 3 inches more than the hoop size on all sides. That is why an 18 in. square is
considered the minimum for a 12 in. hoop.
The bias tape/fabric strips are used to wrap around the inner ring of the hoop. This
helps the fabric to stay in place while the hoop is handled often.