MIDWEEK: Mini Macrame Bracelet

CLICK HERE for instruction sheet.


S-Lon Beading Cord – your color choice
Beads – main bracelet design
2 Beads for cord ends
Clip board
Small Binder Clip or similar
GS Hypo Cement #30033326
Optional: 2 - Mini Wooden clothespins Bead Reamer #30061237

NOTE: This weaving technique is like one used for a basic paracord design where you tie square knots over a base cord. Beads are added to embellish the simple design.
Make sure that the beads you are using have a hole large enough for the cord to slip through. And the two beads needed for the cord ends needs to be able to fit two cords through. You can enlarge the holes by using the bead reamer if needed.


Prep – measure out the lengths of cording needed.
Base cord – Calculate the base cord length by wrapping around your wrist and adding 6 more inches.
                     Then, double this measurement to get the base cord length.
Knotting cord – Measure out 2 or more yards of cord for the knotting cord.
Keep in mind, it is always better to have more cord then needed because the excess can always be cut off.