MIDWEEK: Mother's Day Charm

CLICK HERE for instruction sheet.


• 6 – 8 in. of 18 gauge wire #30085105
• 24 in. of 24 - 26 gauge wire #30085108
• Small crystals, E beads, etc. in birth month colors
• Beaders Tool Set #30103698+ (comes in assorted colors)
• 6mm Jump rings #30213218 for attaching finished charm
• Cell phone strap, keychain, chain necklace, bracelet, etc. for
finished charm
• Charms, Beads, tassels, etc. for finishing bottom of heart
NOTE: Basic Wire-wrapping skills will be helpful for this project.
Beaders Tool Set includes 8 basic jewelry making tools including the tools needed for
this project:
Chain Nose pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Semi-flush Cutter. Nylon Jaws Pliers is also good
for straightening out bent wire.