MIDWEEK: Origami Wreath

CLICK HERE for instruction sheet.


• 8 pieces of 2 in. x 4 in. paper (printed, solid, upcycled,
• Embellishments - sequins, beads, glitter glue, etc.
• Glue for embellishments
• 1/8 in. hole punch – if making an ornament
• 6 in. of thin cording or ribbon for ornament hanging
• Scissors
Optional: Paper Creaser
NOTE: Using thinner paper like origami or gift wrap will
be easier to fold but cardstock can be used. You can also
stamp and color plain copy paper for a unique design.
Add a small photo in the center to personalize this
Change the size of the wreath by changing the size of
the paper you fold. Just keep to a 1:2 ratio so that the
folded pieces are the same shape in the end so you can interlock them.