MidWeek: Ribbon Plumeria Lei

CLICK HERE to download instructions


• 18 yards* of 7/8-in. Satin Ribbon – White

• 18 yards* of 7/8-in. Satin Ribbon – Yellow
• 18 yards* of 3/16-in. Picot Edge Satin Ribbon – Light Gold
• Upholstery or Button Hole Thread • Sewing Needle
• Scissors

Optional – Wood Spring Clothespin

NOTE: As a measurement guide for how much ribbon you will need for a lei, on average 1 yard of ribbon yields approximately 2-inches of finished lei. Based on this, you’ll need a minimum of 18 yards for a 36-inch lei or 21 yards for a 42-inch lei.

You can use other colors of ribbon and color combinations. You can also use the wider 3/8-in. picot edge ribbon if you  prefer.