MidWeek: Star Mini Book

Click here to download the project sheet.


• 5 qty. 5” x 12” Cardstock (red)
• 5 qty. 5” x 10” Cardstock (white)
• 5 qty. 5” x 8.5” Cardstock (blue)
• 2 qty. 5” x 6” Chip board for covers
• 2 qty. 6” x 7” Cardstock for cover
• 2 pieces of 24” length of ribbons for closure/hanger
• Meriken 1/4” Double stick tape #30013284
• Paper Creaser #30003774
• Scissors
• Paper Trimmer #30088131


1. Take the three sets of cardstock pieces and place them in front of you so that the 5 in. edges are on the sides. Fold each in half, crease well. Keep them standing up like greeting cards.

2. Take the largest piece (5 in. x 12 in.) and place double stick tape along each 5 in. inside edge, aligning the tape up along the edge.

3. Place the medium piece (5 in. x 10 in.) within the large piece, matching up the 5 in. side edge and tape together. Next, place double stick tape along the 5 in. inside edges of the medium piece. LIne up the small (5 in. x 8.5 in.) piece and tape together at edges. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have all 5 sets taped together.

4. Take one set and fold closed flat. Place double stick tape around the edges and center on one side.

5. Carefully align another set on top and tape together. Repeat until all 5 sets are joined end to end to make the book.

6. To make the cover: Place the 6 in. x 7 in. cardstocks with the wrong side facing up and center the chipboard pieces on top. Fold over the edges and tape down. Tape one piece of ribbon across the middle, leaving the loose ends coming out over the 5 in. edges.

7. Place double stick tape all around the edge and in the center of the wrong side of the covers. With the loose ends of the ribbons hanging outwards, tape a cover to each end of the mini book.

8. Close up the book and tie the ribbon to keep closed, or, to open up the book, cover to cover. It will resemble a star shape. Tie the ribbons together to keep the star shape and use as a hanger.

Use your book as a memory keeper and add photos or write messages inside your book.