Kerr Heart Jar

Click here to download project sheet.



• 30174317 Kerr Jar wide mouth quart

• Vinyl

• 77566216 Scissors

• 30141044 Satin Acrylic Lipstick paint

• Paint brush

• 30014977 Stickles Gold

• 1/4” Ribbon

• 30013284 Double sided tape 1/4”

• 30192404 Sixlets White



1. Wash the jar and dry. Remove lid.

2. Cut vinyl to desired heart shape.

3. Adhere vinyl heart to jar. Burnish the sticker on the jar so

there are no air pockets surrounding the edges. This will

ensure paint does not seep under the sticker.

4. Brush your paint onto the jar. Once the paint is completely

dry, add another coat if desired. Set aside.

5. Measure the rim of the jar lid. Cut a piece of 1/4” ribbon to the

size of the rim. Attach ribbon with double sided tape to the rim.

6. When paint is dry on the jar, gently peel vinyl sticker from jar.

7. Use stickles to embellish around heart shape.

8. Add Sixlets candy.