Beaded Bookmark

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• Head Pins • 30095603
• Bead Cord • 30128027
• Crimp Beads • 77186866
• Mix Beads • 30118279 (Design Elements)
• Split Ring • 30102575

• 3-In-One Tool • 30056198
• Crimp Tool • 3004183
• Scissors


INSTRUCTIONS (Step One - Beaded Dangle)
1.  Place beads on a head pin.
2.  Bend the remainder of the head pin so the beads do not fall off.
3.  Trim the head pin so a half to 3/4 in. remains.
4.  Place the end of the head pin into your round nose pliers at the thickest part.
5.  Roll the pliers away from you, making a loop.
6.  Line up the end of the head pin to its bend just above the last bead.

INSTRUCTIONS (Step One - Beaded Dangle)
1.  String a crimp and a split ring on the bead cord.
2.  Loop the cord back through the crimp.
3.  Using the crimping pliers, place the crimp in the first notch (furthest from the      tip) and squeeze.
4.  Use the second notch (closest to the top) to fold over the crimp.  Make sure it’s      tight so the bead cord can’t slip through the crimp.
5.  Trim the excess cord.
6.  Add the bead dangles to complete your bookmark.