The Joy of Crafting: Faye's Soda Can Angel Ornament

CLICK HERE for the project sheet.


  • Empty Soda/Juice Can – Aluminum, Clean and dry
  • Kitchen Scissors (in Zakka Shop) #30196217
  • Jewel Picker #30142900
  • 3 -in-1 Glue #30100363
  • Jewelz – white AB #30224681 or other colors, small flat crystals
  • Sharpie Marker #91029
  • Glitter Chenille Stem for Halo
  • 25mm or larger wood bead for head or small ornament balls
  • Cording or ribbon for hanger
  • Rubbing Alcohol and paper towel

NOTE: Adult supervision needed for cutting the cans Kitchen Scissors have a serrated blade and can cut through the aluminum can. Do not use your good scissors for this project.


  1. Using the Kitchen Scissors, cut the top off the can. Pierce a small hole to insert the blade to get started. Usually you can follow along a line on the can to cut.
  2. Once the top is removed, cut down the middle to the bottom of the can.
  3. Cut the bottom of the can off, similarly to how you cut the top off.
  4. Carefully flatten out the aluminum can.
  5. Trace and cut out the angel pattern. Make sure you cut the two slits as indicated. Place the pattern onto the can and trace with a Sharpie marker. Lift the wings as needed to trace the top and bottom slit lines.
  6. Use the Kitchen Scissors to cut out the angel pattern. Trim and smooth out the edges as needed. Cut the two slits, only up to where the line ends. Use the rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining lines from the marker.
  7. Carefully roll the angel shape into a cone. Join the cone together by slipping the bottom slit into the top slit.
  8. Carefully spread out the wings.
  9. Cut a 6-in. to 8-in. length of cord for the hanger. Fold in half and knot the ends. Slip the folded end through the bead for the head.
  10. Cut the tinsel chenille stem in half and make a circle at one end for the halo. Place the straight end into the top of the bead with the cord. Add a little glue at the bottom to hold everything in place.
  11. Add a ring of glue to the top opening of the cone. Place the angel’s head on top to glue in place.
  12. Embellish the angel by gluing small crystals around the neck and at the tips of the wings.