MIDWEEK: Witch Hat & Pyramid Box Treat Holder

CLICK HERE for instruction sheet.


• Accu Cut Pyramid Box #4 3D Die*
Witch Hat
• Black Cardstock for Pyramid Box for Witch Hat
• 6-in. x 6-in. Black Cardstock for Witch Hat Brim
• 8.5-in x 11-in. Black Cardstock for Pyramid Box
Candy Corn*
• White, Orange and Yellow Cardstock
For Both Designs
• Double Stick Tape # 30013284
• Scissors
• 1-in. x 3-in. Cardstock for Message Strip
• Stamps or Pens for writing message
• Embellishments – ribbon, stamped images,
stickers, etc. to add to the witch hat

*NOTE: The Accu Cut Die Cutting system is available for use at the HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts stores. You can use the system for free when you purchase your paper from the stores. Most stores have the Pyramid Box #4 die available for cutting. For the Candy Corn Box – You can use just a white pyramid and ink blend the orange and yellow sections instead of cutting and pasting in cardstock.