Wood Slice Reindeer

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1 each - Wood Slice 4-1/2" 30163868

1 each - Chenille Stem (Brown) 77674085

1 each - Felt Square (Dark Brown) 30061434

Cardstock (Tan, Black, Red, & White)

12" - 3/8" width (ribbon of your choice)

1 each - Screw Eyes (for hanger) 30160259


Meriken Double-Stick Tape 30013283

Circle Cutter 30141341

Paper Punch Round (size 1/2") 30136620 & 3/4" 30136621 or 30028718

Sharpie Marker Fine Tip Black (to draw mouth)

Low Temp Glue Gun 77536417 & Glue Sticks 77533638

Sharp Scissors 3013330


1. Use the circle cutter to cut out one 4-1/2" circle from the tan cardstock.

2. Use the paper punch to punch out two 3/4" from white and two 1/2" from black yardstick.

3. Trace and cut out two ears from brown felt and one nose from red cardstock.

4. Use the double-stick tape to glue the tan circle cardstock to the wood slice surface, then glue on eyes and nose.  Draw mouth below the nose.

5. Screw on the screw eye to the top of the wood slice.

6. Cut the brown chenille stem in half, wrap the chenille stems around the sharpie pen to form spiral.

7. Glue the ears behind the head and the spiral chenille stems in place.  Refer to picture below for placement.

8. Make a bow from ribbon, then glue to the top of the head.