• My Locker Program

My Locker Program

The My Locker Program is our way of supporting local crafters by providing them a space to display and promote their products in our HouseMart Ben Franklin Craft Stores. 

The lockers are secured and only opened if a customer wants to purchase an item or if a vendor wants access. The goal of this program is to support our local crafters and help small businesses succeed.

The My Locker Combination:

  1. Pick a store(s)
  2. Pick a rental space (Base Rent: $40, $50, $60 - plus applicable Percentage Rent)
  3. Fill out paper work
  4. Decorate locker space and price your items
  5. Promote your locker space through advertising media and/or via Social Media
  6. See your business succeed!

If you would like more information on the My Locker Program feel free to contact any of our stores.