• Membership


At HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts, we offer you a wealth of ideas and inspiration for your creative life. You can get the most out of your crafting adventures by joining our Craft Club, where you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of benefits:

  • As a Craft Club Member, you will receive a 10% discount on all of your craft merchandise purchases*, including sale items, custom framing and even on our Ben’s Best Values!
  • When you take a craft class at one of our stores, you will receive an additional 10% off your class supplies. That’s a 20% savings! Classes are a fun way to learn a new craft or technique while meeting more crafters, just like you!
  • You can sign up to receive our Craft Connections e-newsletter which will give you the latest news on our upcoming sales and store events, new products, craft ideas and even exclusive e-coupons!
  • Exclusive 20% off invitational sales/coupons.
  • Renewal notice via email with special renewal coupons.

It’s easy to sign up. Just fill out the application form with your $10 annual fee at any of our Ben Franklin Crafts locations. You’ll start receiving your 10% discount as soon as you sign up!

Be sure to renew so you can continue enjoying all of the Club benefits!

If you have any questions, call (808) 838-7773 ext. 3406 or e-mail contact@bfcraftclub.com.

*10% discount is given everyday except during special promotions when you are entitled to a higher discount such as during 20% off Bag Sales or when using a 40% off coupon.