MidWeek: Shrink Art Candy Corn Charm/Pin

Click here to download the project sheet.


• Shrink Film - Matte #30003145
• Black Fine Tip Sharpie #91029
• Sanding pad/sandpaper - fine-grit #30131575
• Colored Pencils #30093475
• Glossy Accents #30014904 or UV LED Resin #30203703 plus UV Lamp #30203705
• Pin Back or Cell phone strap
• Foil covered mat board/paper plate for shrinking plastic
• E-6000 glue #30148543 or similar if making a pin
• Sharp Scissors
• Toaster Oven or Ranger Heat It Tool #30003773
• 1/8” Hole Punch #77178541 if making a charm
• Jewelry Pliers if making a charm
• Wood chopstick or similar for holding down shrinking plastic
• Sharp Pin for air bubbles

NOTE: Prep shrink plastic by lightly sanding the surface of an area large enough for your design. Sand both sides if you plan to color both sides. Wipe off excess dust.