MIDWEEK: Soap Bubble Painting

CLICK HERE for instruction sheet.


• Paints – Tempera, Acrylic, or Watercolor in assorted colors
• Dishwashing Liquid - Dawn
• Water
• Small Bowls – one for each color
• Measuring Spoons #6299960 and Measuring Cups #6299895
• Spoon for mixing
• Drinking Straws
• Paper for Painting – Mixed Media #30132057
• Table covering – plastic tablecloth or old newspaper
NOTE: Have all your supplies, including the paper, ready before you start mixing.
Cover the work surface with a table covering because it can get a little messy.
The paints used in the sample are Delta Ceramcoatt Acrylic Paint Velvet Teal #30201094,
Passion Purple #30084944, and Gecko Green #30084954