MidWeek: Unicorn SPAM Can

Click here to download project sheet.


• Spam Can – cleaned and dried

• 3” x 11- 12” White Cardstock –plain or glittered (#30081252) – can wrap

• 2” x 2” White Cardstock –plain or glittered (#30081252) - ears

• Gold Cardstock (#30192846) – horn

• 2 qty. 3/4” circles – Pink paper/cardstock - cheeks

• Embellishments –Flowers, stickers, buttons, ribbons, etc.

• Black Fine Tip Marker (#91029)

• 1/4” Double Stick Tape (#30013284)

• Glue Dots (#30001508)

• Low temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

• Paper trimmer (#30088131)

• Scissors

• Paper Shreds or Tissue paper

• Treats


NOTE: You can tape around the edges covering the inside lip to cover any sharp edges.

1. Removing the can label is optional. Take the 3” x 11- 12” white cadstock and wrap around the clean empty SPAM can. Tape to the can with the overlap centered on one side which will be the back.

2. Take the gold cardstock and draw a curve on one edge on the backside of the paper. Cut the curve out.

3. Roll the gold cardstock into a cone and tape edges securely.

4. Make two 1/2” slits at the bottom of the cone on opposite sides.

5. Place horn on the top edge of the can, having the slits rest over the edges. Tape or glue in place.

6. Take the 2” x2” white cardstock and cut into a heart. Cut heart in half for the ears.

7. Pinch the pointed ends of the hearts and glue one to each side of the can for the ears.

8. Take the black marker and draw eyes with eyelashes onto the front of the can. Tape a pink circle on each side below the eyes for the cheeks.

9. Add flowers, ribbons and more along the top of the can between the ears and around the horn. Line can with tissue paper or paper shreds and fill with treats.