MidWeek: Packing Tape Image Transfer

Click here to download project sheet.



• 2” Clear Packing Tape
• Magazine images
• Container for water
• Craft Stick or spoon
• Paper Towels
• Scissors
• Double Sided Tape
• Blank cards and envelopes



  1. Gather images from old magazines or make color laser print copies. (Laser works best but you can test with inkjet to see it bleeds in water).
  2. Place images in front of you on a clean surface. Carefully pull out some of the clear packing tape and lay the tape on top of the images, sticking them down and centering the image within the 2” of the tape.
  3. Keep the tape smooth, avoid making any wrinkles on the tape. Trim the images closer to the edges of the tape.
  4. Turn the tape over. Use a craft stick or your fingers to rub the back of the paper to burnish it into the tape. Make sure you do not press too hard, you want to avoid damaging the paper.
  5. Place the tape into a dish of room temperature water. Leave in for at least 3-5 minutes.
  6. With the tape still inside of the water, gently rub the paper off. Get as much paper off as you can. Blot off the excess water and let the tape dry keeping the shiny side down.
  7. Trim image down to a desired size. Depending on the tape and the paper the image was on, the tape may be sticky again.
  8. Use the packing tape "sticker" to decorate the front of a blank card to make it unique. You can also use it to decorate other things like jars, boxes, etc. Use double stick tape to adhere if needed.